Monday, January 25, 2016

Playing Catch Up, Pt. 3: 2014

We had the cuuuutest goats for a short time. When the three babies were born, Mischa was in Heaven!

The Scouts loved em too :)

Dad turned 49, whoop whoop!

Emma, too cute!

My last day working at Lunt Capital Mgmt ^^ so sad, but super excited to be home with my main girl :)

Lennon baptized his good friend, Cade. It was a special day for everyone!

Mischa spotted that moose^^ all on her own while we were driving to Park City.

Benj spent the whole summer in the Midwest so it was just me & Meemers time. We had a blast but that much time without Benj really really sucked.. REALLY don't wanna ever do that again...

Our little helpers at Practice.

I spent 10 wonderful days with Benj (while Mischa stayed with my family) in Wichita, KS. We celebrated 4th of July was a dream and made me miss living in the midwest.

Being only 2 hours away from my old home... we just had to make a day trip back to good ol' Nompton (Norman, OK). Boomer!

Alpine Days Rodeo with Meemers, Garrett & Alex. Mischa had like 3 snow cones.. haha

Alpine days carnival... loved every bit of it!

Daddy's home! we celebrated by going to the State Fair!
Family Pictures before Isaac Leaves for his Mission.
And he's off to Morristown, New Jersey :(

Garrett & Alexandra's Wedding. Oh, and we had a baby pig... his name was Beavis..

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Playing Catch Up Pt.2 (2013)

January & February:

Adventures with Meemers
Planting our first garden


Bunnies & Birthdays
Visiting baby Emma at Primary Children's Hospital after her open heart surgery


Family Pics before Jake leaves for his Mission
FHE with the Shark canoe

Bunnies & Memorial Day

 First time camping just the two of us
Fishing at Utah Lake

 July 4th @ Antelope Island
Tubing down Provo River

 Our Garden was a success!
Dickison Family Reunion
GIANT bunnies
Canyon night with friends
The start of my coaching volleyball
Fun at the Story's farm
Garrett returns from his Mission!

Mischa turns 3!
Family pictures turned out so cute!

 We gained a truck in the family! (his name is Ferd)
Football games
Hunting with Cam
Peach ice cream

 Trip to San Diego for Thanksgiving

Christmas time
Trips to daddy's work (IFA)
Mischa playing the role of Mary on Christmas Eve